Today is Gopashtami!

Today is Gopashtami! 

Gopashtami was the day when little Krishna and Balaram entered the Pauganda age, i.e. the age between 6 years to 10 years. They were then made in charge of herding cows.

Because Krishna protects the cows, one of His dearest names is Govinda. 

The first week of the bright fortnight in the month of Kartika are the days during which Krishna held up Govardhan to protect the cows, cowherds and milkmaids from the wrath of Indra. 

On the eighth day, when Indra’s ego had been obliterated by Krishna’s show of miraculous power, he came down to earth and fell at Krishna’s offering prayers and begging forgiveness for his audacity. 

At the same time, the queen of the divine cows, Surabhi, rained milk on Krishna and consecrated him Govinda, meaning “Lord of the cows.”

This day is commemorated as Gopashtami.